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Orgone Pyramids

  • experience more vitality and a restful sleep

  • relieve mental and physical stress

  • aids meditation & increases spiritual growth

  • energize food, water, herbs and supplements

  • create a more harmonious home & workplace

  • protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic fields

  • clear emotional and energetic blocks

About Pyramid Energy

Pyramid is resonant to the earth’s magnetic field and creates a life force energy. Pyra comes from the Greek word fire and mid from the Latin word Mede which means middle. So Pyramid is actually “Fire in the middle”. Fire in the middle is an apt description for the natural life energy force that is found in the center of the Pyramid.

How does pyramids work?

A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramid will help to create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.

How Crystal Healing Works

Crystals are formed by natural alignments of minerals over time. Crystals are always arranged in an organized fashion and are built up slowly. This formation, or lattice, is structured in such a way that an energy field is created within and around every crystal.

Piezoelectric effect

If a crystal receives a physical blow, is rubbed or twisted, it builds up a tiny electric charge across some of the planes within the crystal. The opposite is also true, and if a crystal is placed in an electric field, it will bend and flex in a minute way. This is known as the piezoelectric effect used in time pieces and chronometers.

The more a crystal is worked an handled the greater the electric charge will be, although still incredibly small. It is enough to make a difference and cause a tingling effect when handled by sensitive people like crystal healers.

This special quality makes crystals respond to their owners and imbues a crystal with unique properties over and above any common or garden rock or pebble.

Orgone products

Crystal healing therapy - Orgone products


When crystals grow into specific shapes they bring the energy to bear along the lattice. This makes each crystal contain potential energy that can be invigorated by intent. Intention is the focusing of metal energy by a person on a particular crystal or stone. You can hold and rub a crystal to make it your own internal energy crosses from your aura into the crystal. The longer you own a crystal the stronger it becomes. Not all crystals are made from the same elements and different crystals are good for different things. To tap into the healing power of crystals you need to understand the meaning of each crystal and which dynamic energy it can bring forth.